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  • Title:How Can You Sleep at Night?
  • Artist:Tom Walker
  • Album:What a Time to Be Alive
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    作曲 : Tom Walker/Steve Robson/Sam Romans
    作词 : Tom Walker/Steve Robson/Sam Romans
    Tell me you hate me, just tell me something
    Lay it all on the table
    'Cause sooner or later, it's back again
    I know that I messed up, no misunderstanding
    But, darling, I need ya to blame me
    'Cause your silence won't make me a better man
    You make me a better man
    So how can you sleep at night?
    Tell me you think I deserve this
    Tell me now, what should I do?
    'Cause I'm standing paralysed
    You had it so good, I'm just selfish
    But I know you're hurting too
    Talking at you and there's no reply
    Staring at me from the other side
    Feels like you're gone, feels like you're gone
    Tell if you think it's worthless
    Tell me if I'm losing you
    I know that you're too proud to let it go easy
    If you got nothing to say
    We're just gonna waste all of the good days
    So I keep on asking, though I'm getting nothing
    And darling, I've made my mistakes
    And I'm begging to pay but you're not listening
    I know you're not listening
    Well, how can you sleep at night?
    Tell me if I'm losing you?