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  • Title:Dominoes
  • Artist:Tom Walker
  • Album:What a Time to Be Alive
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    作曲 : Tom Walker/Thomas Fuller
    作词 : Tom Walker/Thomas Fuller
    There's so much hate in this world
    Between the lines of the pages we turn
    Take to our keys to express how we feel
    The internet leads to an ignorant feed
    You can believe my eyes
    My heart is breaking, the race isn't died
    People blaming religion for crimes
    Committed by those who are losing their minds
    There's still so much love on this planet
    The news only shows us the damage
    'Cause they're the ones with the cameras
    Playing into the hands of the bandits
    Still I know we've all got something to say
    We just tell ourselves we're not to blame
    The world's too scared to change
    Let the dominos fall, woah
    'Cause we've gone too far, no place to hide
    We set the world alight
    Let the dominos fall, woah woah
    We are enslaved by our grief
    Dictated by media streams
    We gather in numbers, we take to the streets
    But only riots will be covered by the (?)
    Some of you like the helpless
    Burn bread and so their acceptance
    But we will find our redemption
    United in peace, full objection
    Watch it all crash, come tumbling down
    Let the dominos fall