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  • Title:Location
  • Artist:Dave;Burna Boy
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    If you send me the location
    Then I'll be right there
    Let me come, come check you, my baby
    No time, no
    And my dog is on probation
    Another 5 years
    Me bring girls to his location
    Send me the location
    This year ’bout vacations
    Flight catching, train taking
    Soon as my nigga off probation
    Your boyfriend's on a waiting ting
    Looking for one wish, on a Ray J ting
    I pree'd that girl, outrageous ting
    But she can’t see 'cause I got shades and ting
    Bare girls wanna throw shade and ting
    No shade, what shade is your foundation in?
    Darkest grey, the shade I'm in
    49 more if your babes wants in
    I had me a famous ting
    Goals and tings, gains and tings
    My house party a babe station
    Girls wanna chase, it's a status ting
    Look, playboy, I don't need a Carti
    I'm captain, I lead the army
    Bad ratio, I leave the party
    Three Somalis creepin' on me
    Your ex wavy, we tsunami
    Girl from India, sweet as naani
    Head so good, now I speak Gujarati
    You hardly, pardon me, I’m laughing again
    I assisted, man, passed to my friend
    Look, money like the alphabet
    If you wanna see P’s, gotta pass on the ends
    Came a long way from a park in the bends
    To an '18 plate, man’s parking a Benz
    Far from the rest but I'm far from my best
    Life is a lesson, I'm passing a test
    Yes, everyting blessed
    I don't want drama and I don’t want stress
    My girl got finessed, Caribbean flex
    Body and chest, take buddy in chest
    Thank God more, I grew up with less
    Just to the right, raps to the left
    Arg' in the middle, got C'd to the death
    Batch full of dogs with the 60's vets
    Nigga I was down but I made it to the top right now
    (Right now, right now, right now)
    And I can pull a couple grand out my pocket right now
    Yeah I'm so fly, yeah I'm flyer than a rocket right now
    And all the games you play never stop right now
    I pull up on the block, I see everybody watching
    'Cause there's diamonds on my chain
    And there's diamonds on my watch
    Money moves, Off-White shoes
    Came straight from Virgil Abloh
    I've been down, I've been low
    Had my mattress on the floor
    No map, North Cap, bend it up
    Gyal a ring-ring my cellular
    Mi 'ave big fat spliff pon me, nuh
    Inna the big black Benz, pullin' up
    Please tell everybody to start pulling up
    'Nough champagne from the bar coming up
    Party hard, make her live my life, oh