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  • Title:Streatham
  • Artist:Dave
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    I grew up in Streatham
    Teachers was givin' man tests
    Same time the mandem were givin' out testers
    I got peng tings givin' man stress
    I ain't gotta sex it, message or text it
    I don't wanna do you and I
    Like I'm in Leicester skippin' my lectures
    We used to ride 'round all reckless
    Stolen 'peds, that's Geely and Vespas
    And the feds called my broski restless
    Said he got a charge in the car, no Tesla
    And everybody 'round me rowdy
    I walk in, tell the jeweler, "Wow me"
    If you're talkin' 'bout P's just 'low me
    19, I put 19 on an Audi
    I'll never forget that day that I found me the cutest caramel brownie
    And the chest and back both bouncy
    Trust me, everyting shake, no Saudi
    My G just came out for a shooting
    And Ramz done a madness, charting
    Say that man got something in common
    'Cause trust me, both of their tings been barking
    If you see him at a drink, cut parking
    Do it like Jordan, run up and spark him
    My G's been on badness, way before they had a moustache like Stalin
    And this ting's all love and hate, 'cause a lot of man love to hate
    My young G done draws and eights
    Now he's cuttin' through bricks like the 1-1-8
    And I ain't on indirects, diss me, and I take that personal
    How you gassed off a note that's purple?
    Bet you never got it off white like Virgil
    Two men and an angry murk
    That's war wit' a German, Winston Churchill
    It's mad when man wanna murk you
    But you know you gotta be in by curfew
    And I seen a lot of man get pressured, why?
    And teachers was givin' man tests
    Same time mandem were givin' out testers
    We used to roll 'round all stupid
    Mitcham Lane, that's Streatham and Tooting
    I'm in East tryna link my girl
    'Cause I've got a baby, a crossbow like Cupid
    Man are dead or in jail, that's useless
    Tell a yute, "If you've got a brain, then use it"
    Now I drive past man I went school with
    You was the cool kid, now you look clueless
    And I'm still tryna tell man, "**** the Audi, switch it for a Benz"
    When you're tryna make it out the ends
    Friends of enemies are enemies
    And enemies of enemies are friends
    **** the Benz, I switch it for a Beamer
    Tell the dealer, "Need a bigger litre"
    He told me he's on me when he sees me
    I barely remember why we're beefin'
    But I grew up in Streatham
    I've got peng tings givin' me stress
    Nudes in the message, put in an effort
    But I don't need a me and you
    Like when a chef would eat at his restaurant