• Title:Boasty
  • Artist:Wiley;Stefflon Don;Sean Paul;Idris Elba
  • Album:Boasty
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    作曲 : Richard Cowie/Thomas Mackenzie Bell/Stephanie Allen/Sean Paul/Reynard Bargmann/Idris Elba
    Boasty, boasty, Godfather, man a OG
    Man a half humble, man are boasty
    Fling a ragga riddim like it's '03
    Boasty, house on the coast G
    My money so long it doesn't know me
    It's looking at my kids, like I'm boasty
    Bidi bang bang bang, ayy
    Ayo Idris, tell dem other gyal nuh tek di piss
    When Steffy step out with a tune of energist
    Body comfortable and me physically fit
    And me brown and sweet just like the chocolate
    Yo Wiley, dem wann' sound like me
    Cause da Don yah pussy pretty wid the ockra body
    Shut down any city with my bad gyal posse
    Hahh, every man want piece of me
    The bokkle dem ah pop and dem ah burn weed
    Man want whine behind of me
    Me haffi move cause him dusty (aha)
    I'm looking for a bredda who got hella pounds
    079 baby, I'ma hand up my digits up
    (Bidi bang bang)Boasty, house on the coast G
    (Bidi bang bang)My money so long it doesn't know me
    (Bidi bang bang)It's looking at my kids, like I'm boasty
    Ayo Sean
    Ayy, so when me spit it 'pon di riddim, every gyal a get wid it
    Spit it 'pon di riddim every gyal a get
    When me spit it 'pon di riddim every gyal a get wid it
    Whine up yuh body and spin it
    Girl when yuh bubble, dat ah trouble
    Want yuh gimme di sometin' now
    Turn it around and bring it
    Yuh pressin' it back ah dat nothin'
    If yuh push dat button
    My girl, don't bother gwaan timid
    Wan' see you bruk on, bruk on and fling it
    Wan' see your body shaking up to the limit
    Wan' see your wild out to Wiley, to S to the P
    Stefflon Don and mi don Idris, easy
    Boasty, boasty
    I came to rap it up, do my ting
    Shassy put me on the gram enuh, remix ting
    Hold tight Wiley with the Pacino flow
    Godfather Part II, call me DeNiro (Perfect!)
    I came to win, battle me, that's a sin
    Disrespect man, get a slap on your chin
    Man a king, me nah talk 'bout larry
    Man a big DJ, ask Meghan and Harry
    Boasty, man a boasty
    I make your gyal melt like a toasty (Jheeze!)
    I'll been this way some day
    And I write for myself, no ghosty
    Me is a bowy got money inna bank
    And ready fi roll and blaze up the skank
    And got the girls from Jamwon to Hong Kong
    Di girl dem champion, innit
    I fly around the world 'cause I'm boasty