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  • Title:Don’t Feel Like Crying (MK Remix)
  • Artist:Sigrid
  • Album:Don't Feel Like Crying (MK Remix)
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    I know I should be ordering takeout
    Sitting on my couch that's what you do
    I know I should be all in my feelings
    Staring at the ceiling
    But here's the truth
    Truth truth truth
    Wallowing in it would be such a waste
    That isn't gonna fix it anyway
    No oh
    Ooh yeah
    I dry my eyes 'cause I don't feel like crying
    At least tonight no I don't feel like crying

    Hope you don't blame me
    For what I'm saying
    My heart is aching
    Do you feel it too
    Feel it too
    I hope you understand that I'm dealing
    It's my way of healing
    But here is the truth is the truth
    Waste waste
    Yeah, at least tonight, no, I don't feel like crying