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  • Title:Don't Kill My Vibe
  • Artist:Sigrid
  • Album:Sucker Punch
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    You shut me down
    You like the control
    You speak to me like I'm a child
    Try to hold it down, I know the answer
    I can't shake it off and you feel
    Threatened by me
    I tried to play it nice but
    Oh oh oh
    Don't kill my vibe
    Don't break my stride
    You think you're so important to me
    Don't you?
    But I wanted you to know that you don't belong here
    Think you're so important to me
    You love to tear me down
    You pick me apart
    Then build me up like I
    Depend on you
    But I throw myself from heights that used to scare me
    Guess you're surprised I'm the puzzle
    You can't figure out
    You think so important to me
    Say I'm young, I don't care, I won't quit
    No no no ho
    You're acting like you hurt me
    But I'm not even listening
    Now oh
    Don't kill Don't kill my vibe
    Don't you?(Don't you?)