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  • Title:Love Gun (Remix)
  • Artist:Kiss
  • Album:Smashes, Thrashes & Hits
  • Karaoke:2★Download Synchronous LRC lyric
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Love Gun " (Remix)

    I really love you baby,
    I love what you've got,
    Let's get together, we can
    Get hot.
    No more tomorrow, baby,
    Time is today,
    Girl, I can make you feel
    No place for hidin' baby,
    No place to run,
    You pull the trigger of my
    Love gun, (love gun), love gun,
    Love gun, (love gun), love gun.
    You can't forget me baby,
    Don't try to lie,
    You'll never leave me, mama
    So don't try.
    I'll be a gambler, baby,
    Lay down the bet,
    We get together, mama
    You'll sweat.
    No place for hidin' baby
    Love gun,
    Love gun.
    (Guitar solo)
    Love gun, (looooooove!),
    (Love gun),
    Love guuuuun!, (love gun),
    Love, (love gun), gun....
    /* By WarMachine66 */