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  • Title:Barriers
  • Artist:Jessica Mauboy
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    Jessica Mauboy

    I, I thought I really had it all
    I, I never really had to fall in love again
    For a life full of happiness (yeah)
    Taught my heart to never have a say
    Since the day I built a barricade and closed it in
    Nobody was getting in
    Call me a fool cause I was running a mile
    Call me a fool cause I was so in denial
    Somehow you found a way to make me wanna change
    I don't wanna turn back now
    Cause this is the moment the barrier's broken
    I'm finally gonna let it out
    Now my mind stopped thinking my heart's now taken
    The barriers are breaking down
    The future was frozen reality poisoned
    Till the day you came around
    Got my world to start spinning out
    This this world can be a funny place
    Just like that I'm in a different space holding on
    This time I ain't letting go
    I hear the way my feelings fall so long
    So deep you you brought them back to the surface
    And then you showed me why it was worth it
    Got my world to start spinning now
    Think once think twice
    And you're thinking way too much
    I gotta let my heart outside
    Oh it's broken