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  • Title:You Wanted The Best
  • Artist:Kiss
  • Album:Psycho Circus
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " You Wanted The Best "

    Yeeah!, yeeah!, yeeeaah!
    Gene: "Heey!, make-up or break up, 'cause we've seen better days,"
    Paul: "Yeah!, they'll have to drag you kickin' and screamin' off the stage,"
    Peter: "Listen!, don't do me favors, don't show your face,"
    Ace: "Don't tell me not to play 'cause it's not your place."
    Gene: "The fans wanted us to play, we hear and we obey",
    (You wanted the best!), yeeeeaaah!, you got it!,
    (And you got the best!), alright!, yeeah!, yeeah!, yeeeaah!,
    Peter: "Don't give me glances, don't give me lies,"
    Gene: "Well then, don't give me sweet-talk, the beat just testifies,"
    Ace: "Hey!, you live in fairy tales, you're just a fallen star,"
    Paul: "Right!, well, who died and made you king, just who do you think you are?"
    Paul: "Everything's gotten way out of hand, but your wish is our command,"
    (You wanted the best!), your wish is our command, yeeah!, yeeeaah!,
    (And you got the best!), you got the best!, yeeah!, yeeah!, yeeeaah!,
    (Guitar solo)
    (You wanted the best!), we hear and we obey, yeeah!, yeeeaah!,
    (And you got the best!), you got it, that's right!,
    (You wanted the best!), yeah!, you wanted the best and you got the best!,
    (And you got the best!), yeeah!, yeeah!, yeeeaah!
    (Spoken part)
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