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  • Title:Antisocial (ft. Travis Scott)
  • Artist:Ed Sheeran
  • Album:No.6 Collaborations Project
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  • Uploador:yuehtt
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    by yuehtt
    Friday night and I am ridin ****
    When I touch down keep it on the low low It is lit
    I don′t mess with your energy no photos
    So antisocial but I don′t care
    Don′t give a damn I am gona smoke here Ayy pop it
    Got a bottle in my hand bring more though Ayy pop it pop it
    Got my hat low don′t talk to me Straight up
    I have been down give me some space
    You don′t know what′s in my brain
    Music loud easin my pain
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Don′t touch me don′t touch me
    Don′t touch me I came to **** yeah
    On something on something
    On something I wanna riot
    Won′t let nothing come in between me and the night Straight up
    Won′t let nothing come in between me and the night yeah
    I need room I need room
    Where you standin way too close
    You might catch fumes might catch fumes
    When I zoom when I zoom
    Pass out wake up by myself right past noon
    Right past noon then I am doomed
    Occupied and movin ****
    Hennessy′s drownin all of my issues Drown
    Right before I leave she give me more than just a miss you
    That thing got more back just like my engine I can hit it
    Seen a vision in the boy then we committed It is lit
    I have been lost out inner space
    You left me right in my place
    I put you down on my name
    Won′t let nothing come in between me and the night