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  • Title:Just You And Me - Remix
  • Artist:Zee Avi
  • Album:One More Time With Colors
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    作曲 : Avi
    You were sitting at the coffee table
    where you’re reading Kierkegaard

    Minutes later' you proceeded to say
    something that almost broke my heart
    You said' “Darling' I am tired of
    livin’ my routined life.
    There’s so much in the world that i’d like
    to soak up with my eyes.”
    Well' baby I never did stop you
    from going out to explore
    We can do it all together
    from the colds of the poles
    to the tropics of Borneo
    Ba da da ba da…
    Let’s pack our bags
    and lie on the easy stream
    feel the water on our backs
    where we can carry on dreamin’
    where we can finally
    be where we’d like to be
    Darlin’' just you and me
    Just you and me…
    Does that sound like a plan to you?
    We can build our own little world
    Darlin’' what do you say?So
    where no one can come through
    We can live in huts made out of grass
    we can greet father time as he walks pass
    we can press feet into the dirt
    a little mud' no' it wouldn’t hurt
    Ba da da ba da ba…
    Just you and me..