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  • Title:Still Loving You
  • Artist:Scorpions
  • Album:Love At First Sting
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Still loving You "

    (Guitar Intro)
    It needs time,
    To win back your love again,
    I will be there,
    I will be there.
    Only love,
    Can bring back your love someday,

    Babe I'll fight!,
    Only love!
    Can break down the wall someday,
    If we'd go again!,
    All the way from the start,
    I would try to change!,
    The things that killed our love.
    Your pride has built a wall, so strong!,
    That I can't get through,
    Is there really no chance?,
    To start once again,
    I'm loving youuu-(uuuuuu)-uuu-u-u-uu-u-u-uuu-(uuuu-u-uuuuh!)
    Baby try!,
    To trust in my love again,
    Our love!,
    Just shouldn't be thrown away,
    I will be there!
    To start once again.
    Yes, I've hurt your pride!, and I know!,
    What you've been through!,
    You should give me a chance,
    This can't be the end!
    I'm still loving youuuuu-u-uuuu!
    I'm still loving you-uuuu-u-uuuu!
    I need your love!
    I still love you, baby!
    (Guitar solo)
    I need your love!, woooow!
    /* By WarMachine66 */
    I need youuuu!...