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  • Title:Nowhere To Run
  • Artist:Kiss
  • Album:Killers
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Nowhere To Run "

    Don't know what's been goin' on in your he-a-aad, no-o-oo,
    When you knew that his love was through,
    You closed your eyes inste-a-aad,
    I was there with a shoulder to lean on!,
    It's not gonna happen twi-i-iice,
    If you go I just want you to know, it's alriiiiight!
    Nowhere to ru-uuuun!-(nowhere to ru-un),
    Nowhere to hi-iide, (nowhere to hi-i-ide),
    Nowhere to ru-uuuun!, (nowhere to ru-un),
    Nowhere to hi-iide, (nowhere to hi-i-ide).
    Did you think it would open up in the ni-i-ight?, yee-e-eah!,
    Just pretend I'm only a friend and disappear from si-i-ight,
    One day you're gonna be lonely, wishin' I was by your sii-i-ide,
    And one day you'll think of me only,
    But girl, you gotta take the rii-i-iiiiide!,
    Well too bad!, now that the damage is dooone.
    Nowhere to ruuuuun!-(nowhere to ru-un),
    Nowhere to hiiide, (nowhere to hi-i-ide),
    Nowhere to hiiiiiiiiiiii-iiii-i-iide!, (noooooooo-ooo-o-oooo!)
    (Guitar solo)
    Little girl, gonna make your bed in the ni-i-ight, yee-e-eah!,
    Now you say, "You're goin' awa-a-ay",
    But I will keep your hea-a-art,
    And you will cry when you realize you were wrong,
    Run oooooooooooooon!
    Run ooooooooooo-ooooo-o-oooon!-aauuugh!,
    (Nowhere to ru-uun),
    (Nowhere to hi-i-ide),
    Nowhere to hiiiiiiiiiiii-iiiiide!-no way!, (noooooooo-ooo-o-oooo!)
    (Nowhere to hi-i-ide)...
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