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  • Title:No Guidance
  • Artist:Chris Brown;Drake
  • Album:Indigo (Extended)
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    Che Ecru/Drake:
    Before I die I'm tryna **** you baby
    Hopefully we don't have no babies
    I don't even wanna go back home
    Hopefully I don't leave you on your own
    Trips that you plan for the next whole week
    Bands too long for a n***a so cheap
    And your flex OD and your sex OD
    You got it girl you got it
    You got it girl you got
    Pretty lil' thing you got a bag and now you wildin'
    You just took it off the lot no mileage
    Way they hittin' you the DM lookin' violent
    Talkin' why you come around and now they silent
    Flew the coop at 17 no guidance
    You be stayin' low but you know what the ****s is
    Ain't never got you know I'm bein' modest
    Poppin' s**t but only 'cause you know you're poppin' yeah
    Chris Brown:
    Lil' baby in her bag in a Birkin
    No nine to five put the work in
    Flaws and all I love 'em all to me you're perfect
    Baby girl you got it girl you got it girl
    You got it girl you got it girl
    I don't wanna play no games play no games
    **** around give you my last name
    Know you tired of the same d**n thing
    That's okay 'cause baby you
    Drake/Chris Brown:
    You the only one I'm tryna make love to pickin' and choosin'
    They ain't really love you runnin' games usin'
    All your stupid exes they gon' call again
    Tell 'em that a real n***a steppin' in
    Don't let them n***as try you test your patience
    Tell 'em that it's over ain't no debatin'
    All you need is me playin' on your playlist
    You ain't gotta be frustrated
    My last name
    Same d**n thing
    Oh ooh ayy
    Got it
    I don't wanna
    Chris Brown/Che Ecru:
    You got it girl you got it oh
    Play no games
    I can learn a lot from you gotta come teach me
    Woo woo
    You a lil' hot girl you a lil' sweetie
    No sweet
    Sweet like kale and sweet like peach tree
    Like that
    I can tell you crazy but s**t kind of intrigue me
    No yeah I like that
    I don't wanna I don't wanna
    Seen it on the 'gram I'm tryna see s**t in 3D mami
    I know I get around 'cause I like to move freely
    But you could lock it down
    I don't I don't
    I could tell by how you treat me
    I seen how you did homeboy so please take it easy
    No yeah
    Good to have me on your side I ain't sayin' that you need me
    Yeah yeah
    Six God talk but I ain't tryna get preachy
    No no no
    I seen how you did homeboy please take it easier on me
    'Cause I don't wanna
    Play no games play no games