• Title:xanny
  • Artist:Billie Eilish
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    作曲 : Billie Eilish O'Connell/Finneas O'Connell
    作词 : Billie Eilish O'Connell/Finneas O'Connell
    What is it about them?
    I must be missing something
    They just keep doing nothing
    Too intoxicated to be scared
    Better off without them
    They're nothing but unstable
    Bring ashtrays to the table
    And that's about the only thing they share
    I'm their second hand smoke
    Still just drinking canned coke
    I don't need a xanny to feel better
    On designated drives home
    Only one who's not stoned
    Don't give me a xanny now or ever
    -Can you check if you're breathing? Oh my god
    -And it's like, wait... like, when?
    Waking up at sundown
    They're late to every party
    Nobody's ever sorry
    Too inebriated now to dance
    Morning as they come down (come down)
    Their pretty heads are hurting (hurting)
    They're awfully bad at learning (learning)
    Make the same mistakes, blame circumstance
    Please don't try to kiss me on the sidewalk
    On your cigarette break
    I can't afford to love someone
    Who isn't dying by mistake in silver lake
    Hmm, hmm
    Hmm, Mmm...
    Come down, hurting
    Lean in