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  • Title:Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
  • Artist:Journey
  • Album:Frontiers
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) "

    Here we stand,
    Worlds apart hearts broken in two!, two, two-oo,
    Sleepless nights,
    Losing ground I'm reaching for you, you, you.
    Feelin' that it's goooo-oone!,
    Can't change your mind,
    If we can't go ooo-o-ooon!,
    To survive the tide,
    Love divideeeeees!
    (Someday love will find you),
    (Break those chains that bind you!),
    (One night will remind you),
    How we touched and went our separate ways?
    (If he ever hurts you),
    (True love won't desert you!),
    (You know I still love you),
    Though we touched and went our separate ways.
    Troubled times,
    Caught between confusion and pain!, pain, pain,
    Distant eyes,
    Promises we made were in vain, in vai-i-in!, in vai-iin.
    If you must goooo-ooo!,
    I wish you love,
    You'll never walk aloo-o-ooone!,
    Take care, my love,
    Miss you loooooove!
    Though we touched and went our separate ways!
    (Guitar solo)
    Noooooooooo!, (someday love will find you),
    (One night will remind you).
    (You know I still love you).
    I still love you, girl!,
    I really love you, girl!
    And if he ever hurts you!,
    True love won't desert you!
    /* By WarMachine66 */