• Title:Summertime
  • Artist:Scarlett Johansson/ThreeD
  • Album:Days Of Grace (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Summertime "
    Scarlett Johansson/ThreeD

    And the livin' is easy,
    Fish are jumpin',
    And the cotton is high.
    Ouh!, your daddy's rich,
    And your mommy is good lookin',
    So hush little baby,
    Don't you cry.
    One of these mornings,
    You're going to rise up singing,
    Then you'll spread your wings,
    And you'll take to the sky.
    But till that morning,
    There ain't a'nothing gon' harm you,
    With daddy and mommy
    Standing by.
    Thaa-tha-tha!, tha-thaa!,
    Daa-down!, da-mmmtown!,
    One of these mornings!,
    But till that morning!,
    Staaaanding by.
    With daddy
    And mommy
    Staa-a-a-aanding by-yyyyyyy.
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