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  • Title:Primadonna Like Me
  • Artist:The Struts
  • Album:Young & Dangerous
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    " Primadonna Like Me "
    The Struts

    Hey you!,
    Don't you know who I think I am?!,
    (Ooooooh!)-Big fish, small town,
    Romeo, turns your mother on,
    (Take it off!, t-t-take it off!)-(woooo!),
    Backseat, a Rolls Royce-(ha-ha!),
    I'm not here to talk about it, (turn it up!, t-t-turn it up!),
    (Wooooo!)-come on baby!
    Ooooh!, (do you wanna?, do-do you wanna be a primadonna like me tonight?),
    (Do you wanna?, oh!, don't you wanna be a primadonna with me tonight?),
    (Oh come on!, bring it on!),
    (Don't you know it's all about me tonight?),
    (So come on!, try it on!),
    (Be a primadonna with me tonight!)
    A champagne, a Charlie,
    Roll it up, stick it on the tab,
    Line them up, li-li-line them up,
    (Your pub), my rules, a cigarette-(oiii!),
    (Don't you know just who I am?!),
    Light it up!, li-li-light it up!, (right now!),
    You got to do it right now!
    (Do you wanna?, do-do you wanna be a primadonna like me tonight?)-(yeah!),
    (Come on!, bring it on!),
    (So come on!, try it on!)-try it on!,
    (Be a primadonna with me tonight!)-(oooh!)
    (Don't fight it!)
    (Oooh!)-oh, I can feel it in my bones!,
    (Aaaaah)-you can be a primadonna!,
    (Aaah)-a primadonna-(aaaaaah!)-like me!,
    (Do you wanna?, oh, don't you wanna be a primadonna with me tonight?)-(wooohoo!),
    (Come on!)-come on!-(bring it on!)-bring it on!,
    (So come on!)-come on!-(try it on!)-try it on!,
    (So free the primadonna),
    (See the primadonna),
    (Be a primadonna like me tonight!)
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