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  • Title:End Of The Line
  • Artist:Traveling Wilburys
  • Album:The Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1
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    " End Of The Line "
    Traveling Wilburys

    Well (it's all right),
    Riding around in the breeze, well (it's all right),
    If you live the life you please, well (it's all right),
    Doing the best you can, well (it's all right),
    As long as you lend a hand.
    You can sit around and wait for the phone to ring-(end of the line),
    Waiting for someone to tell you everything-(end of the line),
    Sit around and wonder what tomorrow will bring-(end of the line),
    Maybe a diamond ring.
    Well (it's all right),
    Even if they say you're wrong, well (it's all right),
    Sometimes you gotta be strong, well (it's all right),
    As long as you got somewhere to lay, well (it's all right),
    Everyday is Judgement Day.
    Maybe somewhere down the road away-(end of the line),
    You'll think of me, wonder where I am these days-(end of the line),
    Maybe somewhere down the road when somebody plays-(end of the line),
    Purple haze.
    (Aaa)-even when-(a)-push-(aaaah!)-comes to shove, well (it's all right),
    (Aaa)-If you-(a)-got-(aaaah!)-someone to love, well (it's all right),
    (Aaa)-every-(a)-thing'll-(aaaah!)-work out fine, well (it's all right),
    (We're going to the end of the line).
    Don't have to be ashamed of the car I drive-(end of the line),
    I'm just glad to be here, happy to be alive-(end of the line),
    It don't matter if you're by my side-(end of the line),
    I'm satisfied.
    (Uuu)-even if-(u)-you're-(uuuuh!)-old and grey, well (it's all right),
    (Uuu)-you still-(u)-got-(uuuuh!)-something to say, well (it's all right),
    (Uuu)-remember-(u)-to live-(uuuuh!)-and let live, well (it's all right),
    (Uuu)-the best-(u)-you can-(uuuuh!)-do is forgive, well (it's all right)-all ri-iight!,
    (Aaa)-riding-(a)-around in-(aaaah!)-the breeze, well (it's all right)-all ri-iight!,
    (Aaa)-if you-(a)-live the-(aaaah!)-life you please, well (it's all right),
    (Aaa)-even if-(a)-the sun-(aaaah!)-don't shine, well (it's all right)-aaall right!,
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