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  • Title:Please Keep Loving Me
  • Artist:James Tw
  • Album:Please Keep Loving Me
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    I know I have my moments
    And at times I'm hard to be around
    I get impatient when you're getting dressed
    It's just I thought the first one looked the best
    You're beautiful
    More than I deserve
    So listen close
    To these one, two, three, four words
    So please keep loving me
    Because our hearts speak fluently
    Wherever I go, whatever I do
    The map on my heart leads to you
    So baby, please keep loving me
    Loving me, loving me, yeah
    Your lips on my smile
    Are like bees 'round a honeycomb
    You see through my heart's misty window
    And out of all the fingerprints, only yours will show
    Before the make-up's on
    And out of all the girls
    You're the one I want
    For all the mistakes
    I'm making, I don't mean
    (I don't mean them, I don't mean them)
    For all the little things
    That I fail to see
    My heart is on my sleeve
    Please keep loving me
    Loving, loving me
    Oh, ooh