• Title:Supernova
  • Artist:Within Temptation
  • Album:Resist (Extended Deluxe)
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    Supernova - Within Temptation
    Lyrics by:Sharon den Adel/Robert Westerholt/William Knox
    Composed by:Sharon den Adel/Robert Westerholt/Daniel Gibson
    Produced by:Daniel Gibson/Within Temptation/Mathijs Tieken
    I'm waiting for you
    I'm waiting for you supernova supernova supernova
    Supernova supernova
    Drowning in a haze and I just wanna get in deeper
    Deeper deeper deeper
    Purple skies with a million stars I'm falling ground
    These days when I'm losing track of time
    These days when I'm burning up inside
    These days when I'm lost I search the skies
    I'm waiting for your last goodbye
    'Cause I'm not over it not over it
    The kiss of time
    Like thunder screaming out for a flash of lightning
    Stars are falling down for God's applause
    I'm waiting for the light of your supernova
    Your last goodbye
    When the lights go down
    I'm still here and I'm singing for you
    For you for you for you for you
    When the lights go down I can't let the music fade
    I heeper in the heeper in
    I dive in deep and soar so high
    I blow the ashes through the sky
    On a hill I'm here to say goodbye
    As long as I dream it ain't over over
    I'll break the chains of gravity
    Oh I long for your fire yeah I long for your fire
    My heart is lost between the stars
    Drowning in a haze
    And I just wanna get in deeper deeper deeper deeper
    I'm waiting for you supernova
    Supernova supernova supernova