• Title:Raise Your Banner
  • Artist:Within Temptation/Anders Fridén
  • Album:Resist (Extended Deluxe)
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    Raise Your Banner - Within Temptation/Anders Friden
    Lyrics by:Sharon den Adel/Robert Westerholt
    Composed by:Sharon den Adel/Robert Westerholt/Daniel Gibson/Mathijs Tieken
    Produced by:Daniel Gibson/Within Temptation/Mathijs Tieken
    Blood for freedom
    You're pushing me into the corner
    Don't fight with me don't fight with me don't fight with me
    I'm crowning no man for his armour or rhapsody
    For what I see and what I feel
    Wake up
    I'm defying you seeing right through you once I believed in you
    Feel what's coming deep within we all know
    So raise your banner fight your war
    Break the silence no remorse
    Won't die within
    Raise your banner won't you come
    Fight the venom the good die young
    I'm feeling to the fallen they're watching me
    They make me see they make me see
    I'm feeling the pain how you break them and make them bleed
    You make them bleed you make them bleed
    The way that you torment me
    The way that you challenge me
    The way that you make me bleed
    When Gods are failing
    They put all heaven in a rage
    We're on our own
    Our tears keep falling
    They're setting fire to the flame