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  • Title:Endless War
  • Artist:Within Temptation
  • Album:Resist (Extended Deluxe)
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    Endless War - Within Temptation
    Lyrics by:Sharon den Adel/Daniel Gibson/Robert Westerholt
    Composed by:Sharon den Adel/Daniel Gibson/Robert Westerholt
    Produced by:Daniel Gibson/Within Temptation/Mathijs Tieken
    You're fighting an endless war
    Hunting a miracle
    And when you reach out for the stars
    They just cut you down
    Looking through the glass
    Cannot recognise the ghost that you are seeing
    Every step you take on the burning sand slowly sinking deeper
    All the memories remain
    All the pain from your broken home
    And the walls 'round your
    Heart grew so strong you can't let go
    You keep crawling on
    Don't wanna let it go
    So you keep holding on
    To feel whole
    'Cause you're fighting an endless war
    Is it worth dying for
    Or are you blinded by blinded by it all
    Here they come again hear them whispering when your heart is bleeding
    Like a symphony playing on repeat unraveling your feelings
    All the memories remain all the strain you feel broken up
    And the weight that you feel pulls you down
    You can't let go
    It's an endless war
    But then they cut you down they cut you down once more
    System overload
    Self-destruct sequence activated
    One minute until self-destruction
    Don't let them cut you down cut you down once more