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  • Title:No Sudden Movement
  • Artist:Five Finger Death Punch
  • Album:Got Your Six
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  • Uploador:Dalkan
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    Five Finger Death Punch - No Sudden Movement

    Live your life
    Like you're a demigod
    You force your weight
    On everything and everyone
    The bars you live
    Behind are made of straw
    How do you see the world
    When you're dead and gone
    I dare not say what I want to say
    No sudden movements
    No sudden moves
    I dare not say what's inside of me
    Between your eyes
    Nowhere to hide
    Click - clack reload
    Click - clack unload
    Ain't on your side
    Your out of time
    You're a wolf
    Hiding amongst the herd
    You built a bridge
    So you can watch it burn
    Kick and scream
    Your voice is never heard
    Write down your complaints
    And I'll act like I'm concerned
    ....GUITAR SOLO!!!....