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  • Title:You're Not My Kind (Bonus Track)
  • Artist:Five Finger Death Punch
  • Album:Got Your Six
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    Five Finger Death Punch - You're Not My Kind

    Let's take a walk down memory lane
    When I was just a boy and I wasn't insane
    Back before the world got inside of my heart
    Before all the sickness almost tore me apart
    Corruption, deception
    A natural progression
    Denial was a drug that I couldn't refuse
    Now I'm just a puppet
    Always singin' for my supper
    Blame it on myself
    But I know it was you
    I know it was you
    Here we go again
    Life turns another corner
    No way around it
    I was born to fall behind
    Here I go again
    Life makes another loner
    You will never be my kind
    You're not my kind
    My dad was a killer, a cold blooded guerilla
    Something I can never perceive
    Mom was a survivor, worked till it broke her
    She always landed right on her feet
    Rejection, infection
    Down the wrong direction
    Could never walk a day in their shoes
    From a child to a leper
    Feels like I've been severed
    Blame it on the world
    'Cause I know that it's true
    I know it's true