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  • Title:I'm Comin' Home
  • Artist:SoMo
  • Album:A Beautiful November
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    Riding on up of you
    What I do, what I do ooh-oh
    How we do, how we move, who are you show me your soul-ul
    So strip of the pole oh
    We don't want no more (we don't want no more)
    I've been having on coming home, coming home
    Devil sin, leave him all alone, all alone
    Thinking it's time that I'm coming home, coming home
    See you on a taller
    I've been on a hallow, I've been on a hallow back
    See it on a caller
    Said that imma call her
    I've been on a callin' back
    Don't you doubt me, man
    I don't want you back, I don't buy my friends
    I don't wanna lie, I don't play pretend
    You should keep tapping only twice and than I
    Thought you're everything that I had
    I gave you everything that you want then you ask
    Said that you wanna come with me
    Maybe you're keeping me busy, oh
    Take me back to the road
    I'ma about to give you the biggest damn show
    I'm about to lay it all on the lane
    Oh I go, I go my way way way
    In the middle of the night
    I'll call you back, would you up, would you ride
    I'll come be by your side, by your side
    Now you wanna lie, would you lie lie lie lie lie
    Now I'm wide-awake
    Violet sky fit me right away
    Thinking I might fly, let me fly away
    Going back class, I'll be miles away, ooh
    Now you cut me down
    Miss my call, show me round, roll me round, round, round, round
    Said you hold me down, will you down down down
    Say you love me now any how
    (Now, now would you love me now)