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  • Title:Stop Playing (feat. Gunna)
  • Artist:Megan thee Stallion;Gunna
  • Album:Suga
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    Please stop playin' with me, *****
    Please stop playin' with me
    Please stop playin' with me
    Ayy, you ******* is weird, I don't wanna hang
    Way that he talkin', I'm knowin' he lame
    Look at my watch, look at my ring
    You know how I'm comin', *****, stop playin'
    You ******* is weird, I don't wanna hang
    Way too lit, watch my drip
    When I take that sip, *****s know I ain't playin'
    I'm from the H, excuse my slang
    I'm comin' down, know what I'm sayin'?
    I really be workin', bought me a Birkin
    I bet if I post it, them ******* gon' hate
    Sayin' you happy and knowin' you hatin'
    Don't congratulate me, you ******* is fake (Yeah)
    Just got a bag, went to the lot
    Looked at the dealer and told him, "I'll take it"
    Before I was rich, I was poppin' my shit
    Now that I'm lit, ain't shit changed
    Watchin' me blow up, watchin' me glow up
    Ayy, I know you can't take it, ayy
    Talkin' that shit from way over there
    Huh, *****, stop playin'
    Ayy, you ******* is weird, I don't wanna hang
    Look at my watch (Watch), look at my ring (Ring)
    Say it again
    You know how I'm comin', *****, stop playin' (Stop playin')
    Your Rolex is flooded, look at your hand (Your hand)
    My house came with acres, I own some land (Yeah)
    Big booty ***** 'bout to bust out her pants (Woo)
    Damn, look how she walk (Walk), she got a stance (Stance)
    These hoes throwin' salt (Salt), you might get a chance
    Young Wunna big boss, my M's in advance (Yeah)
    Feel like a prince (Prince), money gon' print
    I'm kickin' shit, young Jackie Chan (Wah)
    I'm the new voice, ridin' 'round with that bread (That bread)
    My crew done got rich, ain't no way be depressed (Depressed)
    I'm so elite (Elite), I'm the rap MVP (Uh-huh)
    Ain't no way to compete, you get way too much rest (Much rest)
    Keep that shit on, every day I be dressed (Be dressed)
    I'm rockin' Margiela, this t-shirt is mesh