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  • Title:Rules
  • Artist:Doja Cat
  • Album:Hot Pink
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    作曲 : Amala Zandile Dlamini/Salaam Remi/Ben Diehlm/TYSON TRAX/Lydia Asrat/Theron Thomas
    作词 : Amala Zandile Dlamini/Salaam Remi/Ben Diehlm/TYSON TRAX/Lydia Asrat/Theron Thomas
    Said play with my *****
    But don't play with my emotions (Emotions)
    If you spend some money
    Then maybe I just might **** ya (**** ya)
    Wanna shake that ass
    I'ma do this **** in slow motion (Motion)
    You got a whole lotta cash
    And ***** you know I want it (Want it)
    Play with my *****
    And *****, you know I want it (Want it)
    Break some bread up, *****, that butter my biscuit (Ha)
    You ain't talk money, then really, that's none of my business
    I don't even need these lenses (Yeah)
    20 on 20 my vision (Woo)
    Bad yellow ***** with her eye on the prize
    But *****, I ain't no minion
    Millions, thousands, billions
    Bobs on me like Dylan, blondes on me like Hilton
    Wendys on me like Williams, shouting, digging
    Look at me like I'm alien
    *****, I'm ****ing reptilian
    *****, *****, ah
    All y'all ******* was wrong
    Talkin' 'bout I fell off
    You ain't even get on
    *****, *****, yah
    All y'all ******* is precious
    Wait, I meant to say jealous
    All y'all ******* is jealous
    *****, *****
    (And now you playin' with my emotions)
    *****, don't do it, you blew it
    You tryna cast spells on a ***** with potions
    *****, I need devotion
    (I'm leaving you with that lotion)
    Telling me this and that
    Then throw that **** for the birds, I'm ghosting
    If you don't dive in that ***** like dolphins
    If you dive in that ***** like oceans
    Thumbs up, identically like Olsens
    *****, don't hide from the *****, be open
    *****, want spot on the ***** like Oprah
    (Do I make you horny, baby?)
    That's my ego that you stroking
    *****, don't laugh 'cause the ***** ain't joking
    *****, don't splash when the ***** be soaking (Yeah)
    Where that ***** who don't play mind games at?
    You got a fake gold chain, oh, change that
    Try to spit game while I'm on my way out, late-ass
    Where that *****, man? Where he at? Where he at?