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  • Title:Gold Love
  • Artist:Maren Morris
  • Album:GIRL
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    作曲 : Maren Morris/busbee
    作词 : Maren Morris/busbee
    Composed by:Maren Morris/busbee
    Baby I was way past the point of saving
    But you didn't try to save me you just let it be
    Called me up say let's go get a drink
    We don't even have to say a thing
    But we talked a while 'bout our dreams
    Our lives our saints
    How you like to hear me sing
    I guess I always knew there was something more to you
    If my stars burn out of light
    If my diamond loses shine
    Your gold love gets me through
    Gets me through gets me through
    Fascinated by the facets of me I hated
    The beauty that I kept shaded
    You brought the sun around
    Said I'm too good to be on the ground
    You wanna hold me
    But you'll never hold me down
    Yeah you saw the hurt through the pain
    Saw the sparks through the rain
    After that drink I never was the same
    I guess I always knew
    There was something more to you
    Yeah I guess I always knew
    Silver lining just won't do
    Your gold love will get me through
    ( Yeah I guess I always knew)
    (There was something more to you)
    (Silver lining just won't do)
    (Your gold love will get me through)