• Title:RSVP
  • Artist:Maren Morris
  • Album:GIRL
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    作曲 : Maren Morris/Natalie Hemby/Jon Randall/Mark Trussell
    作词 : Maren Morris/Natalie Hemby/Jon Randall/Mark Trussell
    Composed by:Maren Morris/Natalie Hemby/Jon Randall/Mark Trussell
    Don't tell me that you got better plans
    For those velvet hands they're in demand
    Don't tell me that you're not a little curious
    Don't be so serious it can be only us
    If you want more than your eyes on me yeah
    You can let me know privately
    Bring your love to me yeah
    It's an open invitation to an all-night situation
    If I'm where you wanna be
    I'm a fun party yeah
    All you gots to bring your loving
    'Cause I ain't wearing nothing
    Nothing you can't take off me
    I'm a glass of good whiskey with your name on it
    Looking for your lips and your fingerprints
    This floor is waiting for my black dress to fall
    Somewhere in the hall so don't take too long
    Watch the sweat fall like confetti yeah
    Wake up in my big Cali king
    Répondez s'il vous plait baby baby
    You know the time and place baby baby
    So come on don't be late
    So come on don't be late baby baby