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  • Title:Turnin' Me On
  • Artist:Blake Shelton
  • Album:Fully Loaded: God's Country
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    作曲 : Blake Shelton/Jessi Alexander/Josh Osborne
    作词 : Blake Shelton/Jessi Alexander/Josh Osborne
    Her kisses taste like whiskey
    Burnin' through my veins
    She don't know how to miss me
    She hits right where she aims
    Baby's got my number and she's calling me up
    Knows what she's doing with a single touch
    She's turning me on, turning me on
    Pushing my buttons like it ain't no thing
    If I'm what she wants, she gets what she wants
    The neon's buzzing when she pulls that string
    Turning me on like it's her job
    Sometimes I think she must get off on
    Turning me on, turning me on
    Knows how to set me on fire
    She's always holding the match
    And when my body's beside hers
    There ain't no turning back
    She's Revlon red in the blackest night
    Lighting up the room in the world just like
    Once she gets it started
    Man, it's all night long
    She's the needle on the vinyl
    Of a midnight song
    Turning me on, turning me on, yeah
    (Turning me, turning me, turning me, turning me, turning me on
    Oooh, oooh, oooh
    Turning me, turning me, turning me, turning me, turning me on
    Oooh, oooh, oooh)