• Title:Bankroll
  • Artist:Lil Mosey;AJ Tracey
  • Album:Certified Hitmaker
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    作曲 : AJ Tracey/Lathan Echols/Royce David Pearson
    作词 : AJ Tracey/Lathan Echols/Royce David Pearson
    She want some fun, yeah
    Fly her to London
    Ayy Royce, you did it right here
    Doubled up my bankroll (Bankroll)
    Gucci socks, my pants fall (My pants fall)
    I bust down my ankle (My ankle)
    See you **** *****s from my angle (My angle)
    I just got a mill'
    I feel like I won, won, won
    Don't get yourself killed
    We gon' get that **** done, done, done
    You know I be in the field
    See your ice we're gonna run, run, run
    I just signed another deal
    Puma shoes for some fun fun fun
    Money ringin' my phone
    Rollin' up, guess I'm gone
    Three bad b!tches give me dome
    Gotta leave her by the morning
    I turned nothing into something
    All my n!ggas still bussin'
    Everyday I'm dumpin'
    Pour a 4 or something (The lean)
    Big notes in my bankroll
    Run out of space on my wrist, I got way too many plays
    No, I had to bust my ankle
    I hit three form awkward angle
    Mosey, know you good in London
    Twin glockies at the function
    Feds are on my with the trucks, yeah
    F∪ck them shottas yeah we bumped him
    I'm-I'm that ***** that your ***** is adore
    I'm in Stonie, you ain't seen this before
    If it doesn't work, then I'm kickin' the door
    If she cute and got a fatty,then I hittin' it raw
    My choker two-tone, like my skin tone
    Two iPhone's and a brick phone
    My city girls ringin' I just hit home
    And It's only Chief Keef for my ringtone
    All angles
    Yeah, ugh-uh