• Title:Does To Me
  • Artist:Luke Combs;Eric Church
  • Album:What You See Is What You Get
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    作曲 : Luke Combs/Ray Fulcher/Tyler Reeve
    作词 : Luke Combs/Ray Fulcher/Tyler Reeve
    I was a third-string dreamer on a second-place team
    But I was hell on wheels with a full head of steam
    When coach put me in
    And I'm still proud of that hit
    I was a last resort to go to prom with the queen
    Thanks to an ex-boyfriend who broke her heart that week
    No, I didn't get lucky
    But I still felt like a king
    And that might not mean much to you
    But it does to me
    So say I'm a middle of the road
    Not much to show
    Underachieving, average Joe
    But I'm a hell of a lover
    A damn good brother
    And I wear this heart on my sleeve
    I was the one phone call when my brother went to jail
    Pawned my guitar just to pay his bail
    No, I'll never get it back
    But I'm okay with that
    I was the first man standing next to my best friend
    The day the love of his life said "I do" to him
    I was a couple beers deep
    But I still remembered that speech
    There's a worn-out blade that my Granddaddy gave me
    My Mama's first Bible, Daddy's Don Williams vinyl
    That first-fish-catching Zebco thirty-three
    Well, that might not mean much to you
    Underachieving average Joe
    And I'm a damn hard working
    One thing's for certain
    I stand up for what I believe
    That might not mean much to you
    Yeah, it does to me
    Oh, it does to me
    Oh man, it does to me