• Title:A Hero Comes Home
  • Artist:Idina Menzel
  • Album:Music From The Motion Picture Beowulf
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    A Hero Comes Home -End Credits Version
    作曲:Alan Silvestri
    演唱:Idina Menzel

    Out of the mist of history he'll come again
    Sailing on ships across the sea to a wounded nation
    Signs of a savior like fire on the water
    It's what we prayed for, one of our own

    Just wait though wide he may roam
    Always a hero comes home
    He goes where no one has gone
    But always a hero comes home
    Deep in the heart of darkness sparks a dream of light
    Surrounded by hopelessness he finds the will to fight
    There's no surrender, always remember
    It doesn't end here, we're not alone
    And he will come back on a crimson tide
    Dead or alive
    And even though we know the bridge has burned
    He will return... He will return!
    He knows of places unknown
    Someday he may carve his stone
    The hero comes home
    He goes and comes back alone
    Always a hero comes home.