• Title:Crash & Burn
  • Artist:野人花园savage garden
  • Album:Truly Madly Completely - The B
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    歌名:CRASH AND BURN - 崩溃
    歌手:Savage Garden - 野人花园
    When you feel all alone 当你感觉到孤单
    And the world has turned it's back on you 当整个世界都遗弃了你的希望
    Give me a moment please 给我一个机会
    to tame your wild wild heart 去平静你狂野的心
    I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you 我知道你感到密闭窒息
    It's hard to find relieve and people can be so cold 人情冷淡,难以解脱
    When darkness is upon your door 当黑暗降临到你的身前
    And you feel like you can't take anymore 你却已不能再承受更多
    Let me be the one you call 让我成为你的唯一
    If you jump I'll break your fall 如果你受惊吓我会安抚你的心
    Lift you up and fly away with you into the night 抱起你并与你共同飞翔在夜境
    If you need to fall apart 如果你就要失望
    I can mend a broken heart 我可以修补一颗破碎的心
    If you need to crash then crash and burn 如果你就要崩溃
    You're not alone 你将永不再孤苦伶仃
    And a loyal friend is hard to find 四处难觅知心伙伴
    You're caught in a one way street 迷离在市街的单行道
    With the monsters in your head 头脑里充斥着心魔作乱
    When hopes and dreams are far away and 当希望和梦想是那样遥遥远去
    You feel like you can't face they day 你感到你难以面对现实
    Because there has always been heartache and pain 因为哪里总是有心痛和悲伤
    And when it's over you'll breathe again 当一切结束你又会感到体胖心宽
    You'll breath again 心浮气转