• Title:Come Home
  • Artist:Oceanlab
  • Album:Sirens of the Sea
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    Oceanlab - Come Home
    I don't know why you feel we can't just talk through
    Not just walk through
    And leave me here
    You leave a note and think that it's a clean break
    No more heartache
    You made that clear
    I wish I was backtrack
    Stop time and turn the clocks back
    Unpack your bag whilst waving the flag to keep you close to me
    Come home
    You mean I didn't mean to say the things I said
    Don't leave me here with all these thoughts inside my head

    Rewind the lines to find the hidden meanings
    10 more screenings
    Of our last fight
    Sitting alone and knowing that I need you
    Cause I rememeber
    Our first night
    Running away from the truth this time
    And I wish you'd knew what you'd left behind
    When you were running away and you left me out of my mind