• Title:Ashes
  • Artist:Oceanlab
  • Album:Sirens of the Sea
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    Across the eerie waters
    Misty covered glass I spied
    A sad procession snaking down
    The dry and deathly trail
    And as my telescopic eye
    Focused on the marching line
    It settled on the fallen crown
    Now covered with a veil
    The heavy weight of mourning
    Drew each head to face the ground
    Muscles tight on bearer arms
    Each body cold and frail
    And through the muslin mist
    The beating drums the only sound
    Twenty boat out in the bay
    All ready to set sail
    Ashes take me back to earth
    Water quench my human thirst
    My bones soaked in the icy cold
    And fixed me where I lay
    Until each vessel left the shore
    And made a line for me
    There never was breeze
    The leaves were silent all that day
    They say the sails were ghosts
    That stole the wind to set them free
    I lay transfixed
    Felt nothing but the beating of my fear
    As flames rose up and swallowed whole
    The greatest of the fleet
    The others circled round
    And I heard chanting fill the air
    The ashes, lifted high
    Were falling back into the sea