• Title:Head Over Heals
  • Artist:The Go-Go's
  • Album:Talk Show
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Head Over Heels "
    The Go-Go's

    Been running so long,
    I've nearly lost all track of time,
    In every direction,
    I couldn't see the warning signs,
    I must be losin' it!,
    'Cause my mind plays tricks on me,
    It looked so easy but, you know
    Looks sometimes deceive.
    Been running so-(ooo)-fast-(oooooh!)-
    -Right from the starting line,
    No more connec-(ooo)-tions-(oooooh!)-
    -I don't need any more advice,
    One hand's just reaching out,
    And one's just hangin' on,
    It seems my weaknesses
    Just keep going strong.
    (Haaa!)-head over-(oh!)-heels where should I go,
    (Haaa!)-can't stop-(oh!)-myself outta control,
    (Haaa!)-head over-(oh!)-heels no time to think,
    (Haaa!)-looks like-(oh!)-the whole world's out of sync.
    Been running so-(aaa)-hard-(aaaa)-
    -(Aaaah!)-when (what I need is to unwind),
    The voice of-(aaa)-reason-(aaaa)-
    -(Aaaah!)-is one (I left so far behind),
    I've waited so long,
    So long to play this part,
    And just remembered
    That I'd forgotten about my heart.
    (Instrumental Interlude)
    (Haaa!)-looks like-(oh!)-the whole world's out of sync,
    (Haaa!)-head over-(oh!)-heels (where should I go),
    (Haaa!)-can't stop-(oh!)-myself (outta control),
    (Haaa!)-head over-(oh!)-heels (no time to think),
    (Haaa!)-looks like-(oh!)-the whole (world's out of sync),
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