• Title:traitor
  • Artist:Olivia Rodrigo
  • Album:SOUR
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作词 : Olivia Rodrigo/Daniel Nigro
    作曲 : Olivia Rodrigo/Daniel Nigro
    Brown guilty eyes and little white lies
    Yeah, I played dumb but I always knew
    That you talk to her, maybe did even worse
    I kept quiet so I could keep you
    And ain't it funny
    How you ran to her
    The second that we called it quits?
    How you said you were friends?
    Now it sure as hell don't look like it
    You betrayed me
    And I know that you'll never feel sorry
    For the way I hurt, yeah
    You talk to her
    When we were together
    Loved you at your worst
    But that didn't matter
    It took you two weeks
    To go off and date her
    Guess you didn't cheat
    But you're still a traitor

    Now you bring her around
    Just to shut me down
    Show her off like she's a new trophy
    And I'll know if you were true
    There's no damn way that you
    Could fall in love with somebody that quickly
    Ain't it funny
    All the twisted games
    All the questions you used to avoid?
    Ain't it funny?
    Remember I brought her up
    And you told me I was paranoid
    God, I wish that you had thought this through
    Before I went and fell in love with you
    When she's sleeping in the bed we'd made
    Don't you dare forget about the way
    'Cause I know that you'll never feel sorry
    You gave me your word
    But you're still
    You're still a traitor
    Yeah, you're still a traitor