• Title:enough for you
  • Artist:Olivia Rodrigo
  • Album:SOUR
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作词 : Olivia Rodrigo
    作曲 : Olivia Rodrigo
    I wore make-up when we dated
    'Cause I thought you'd like me more
    If I looked like the other prom queens
    I know that you loved before
    Tried so hard to be everything that you like
    Just for you to say you're not the compliment type
    And I knew how you took your coffee
    And you favourite songs by heart
    I read all of your self-help books so you'd think that I was smart
    Stupid, emotional, obsessive little me
    I knew from the start this is exactly how you'd leave
    You found someone more exciting
    The next second, you were gone
    And you left me there cryin', wonderin' what I did wrong
    And you always say I'm never satisfied
    But I don't think that's true
    'Cause all I ever wanted was to be enough for you
    And all I ever wanted was to be enough for you
    And maybe I'm just not as interesting as the girls you had before
    But God, you couldn't have cared less about
    Someone who loved you more
    I'd say you broke my heart
    But you broke much more than that
    Now, I don't want your sympathy
    I just want myself back before
    'Cause all I ever wanted was to be enough
    Don't you think I loved you too much
    To be used and discarded?
    To think I deserve nothing?
    But don't tell me you're sorry, boy
    Feel sorry for yourself
    'Cause someday, I'll be everything to somebody else
    And they'll think that I'm so exciting
    And you'll be the one who's cryin'
    Yeah, you always say I'm never satisfied
    You say I'm never satisfied
    But that's not me, it's you
    But I don't think anything could ever be enough
    For you
    Enough for you
    No, nothing's enough for you