• Title:Holy Water
  • Artist:Michael Ray
  • Album:Higher Education
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作词 : Ashley Gorley/Ben Johnson/Hunter Phelps/Michael Hardy
    作曲 : Ashley Gorley/Ben Johnson/Hunter Phelps/Michael Hardy
    Somewhere inside them back Florida pines
    There's a town with a chalked on name
    There's a little white church in a real tight curve
    On the edge of a field full of grain
    Yeah, the preacher was a standup man shakin' hands
    Every Sunday morning at the door
    He loved his congregation but he ran an operation
    Sellin' more than the word of the Lord
    And he called it holy water
    He called it holy water, yeah
    Hе bought a brand new Lincoln, had a couple deacons thinkin'
    It was morе than he could afford
    They knew somethin' was up when he was shuttin' his trunk
    At the church around one in the morning
    When he was out of sight they snuck around inside
    And found a door leading under the ground
    They popped a lock on the latch
    Walked down and flashed their lights and guess what they found
    A cellar full of holy water
    No one knows where it comes from, buddy
    But you can find it anywhere from 'Bama to Kentucky
    Got the whole damn southeast side of the country
    Lining up to pay top dollar
    Jar tops twist when the sun starts settin'
    It burns like hell, get you high like heaven, and Lord
    Have mercy if they knew where they were gettin' that holy water
    Well, the deacons pulled up to his house in a truck
    With the proof all crystal clear
    He tried to play it off but he knew he was caught
    So he said, "Brothers, listen here
    You can call the law or you can keep a secret
    I'll cut you in and we can call it even"
    Next Sunday morning 'round ten o' clock
    There was two more Lincolns in the parking lot
    Now there's new stained glass, new pews front to back
    Nobody even asked no questions
    And a sign out front with some letters readin' John
    Chapter two, verse one, ooh, Lord