• Title:Dancing With Our Hands Tied
  • Artist:Taylor Swift
  • Album:reputation
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    Dancing With Our Hands Tied - Taylor Swift (泰勒·斯威夫特)
    Written by:Taylor Swift/Max Martin/Shellback/Oscar Holter
    Producer:Max Martin/Shellback/OzGo
    I I loved you in secret
    First sight yeah we love without reason
    Oh twenty-five years old
    Oh how were you to know
    And my my love had been frozen
    Deep blue but you painted me golden
    Oh and you held me close
    Oh how was I to know I
    I could've spent forever with your hands in my pockets
    Picture of your face in an invisible locket
    You said there was nothing in the world that could stop it
    I had a bad feeling
    And darling you had turned my bed into a sacred oasis
    People started talking putting us through our paces
    I knew there was no one in the world who could take it
    But we were dancing
    Dancing with our hands tied hands tied
    Yeah we were dancing
    Like it was the first time first time
    And I had a bad feeling
    I I loved you in spite of
    Deep fears that the world would divide us
    So baby can we dance
    Oh through an avalanche
    And say say that we got it
    I'm a mess but I'm the mess that you wanted
    Oh 'cause it's gravity
    Oh keeping you with me
    Knew we had our hands tied
    I'd kiss you as the lights went out
    Swaying as the room burned down
    I'd hold you as the water rushes in
    If I could dance with you again

    Hands tied hands tied