• Title:For the Love of New York (Explicit)
  • Artist:Polo G;Nicki Minaj
  • Album:Hall of Fame 2.0 (Explicit)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    For the Love of New York (Explicit) - Polo G/Nicki Minaj (妮琪·米娜)
    Lyrics by:Taurus Bartlett/Onika Tanya Maraj
    Composed by:Taurus Bartlett/Onika Tanya Maraj
    Nicki Minaj:
    Polo Polo
    Polo G
    Polo G:
    Bad lil' thing from New York her heart is too soft
    She feel all alone but I've been there before
    She just like it when you say less and do more
    Baby we not vibin' if it's too forced
    Tired of cryin' she done cried all her last cries
    She been heartbroken for the last time
    Girl if I wasn't so heartless you could have mine
    I was in the slums thuggin' with the bad guys
    Countin' millions flyin' private just to pass time
    And every time I hit the road I'm on the cash grind
    It's hard adaptin' to this life I live the fast kind
    But we can rock until I'm spittin' out my last rhyme
    How many times we gotta argue 'fore we get it right
    'Cause it been long days and bitter nights
    We could talk about it it ain't s**t for you to get a flight
    Went through some things that made me see you in a different light
    I ain't stuntin' these h*es I'm just livin' life
    But if we fall off could I still call for some quick advice
    Turned into strangers still remember what your kiss is like
    Lights off hands on your waist always grip it tight
    Trying to figure out my feelings I'm confusin' you
    Where I'm from happy endings are unusual
    If looks could kill they'd be cryin' at my funeral
    And even when you mad girl you still so beautiful
    You said you'd never make me cry
    That's right before you made me cry
    Said you ain't like them other guys
    Then you led me to my demise
    I never should've gave it to you in the first place
    And why the f**k I move in with you in that first place
    I I was the first one to put you up on that Hermès
    Exotic beaches just layin' there like a mermaid
    Could've took your surname kept you from them bird-brains
    Now you in my burn book f**k you and what's-her-name
    I'd rather physical emotional's the worst pain
    You triggering my anxiety in the worst way
    Sometimes the best thing you could do is step away
    I'll always be the one that you let get away
    Put on our favorite song and I just let it play
    Pull out the get-at and I might just let it spray
    I'll be gone I'll be gone I'll be gone
    Told my b***h "Pick me up in the morning"
    Gone I'll be gone I'll be gone
    This is toxic don't act like it's normal