• Title:good 4 u (Clean)
  • Artist:Olivia Rodrigo
  • Album:good 4 u (Clean)
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    good 4 u (Clean) - Olivia Rodrigo
    Lyrics by:Daniel Nigro/Olivia Rodrigo
    Composed by:Daniel Nigro/Olivia Rodrigo

    Well good for you I guess you moved on really easily
    You found a new girl and it only took a couple weeks
    Remember when you said that you wanted to give me the world
    And good for you I guess that you've been working on yourself
    I guess that therapist I found for you she really helped
    Now you can be a better man for your brand new girl
    Well good for you
    You look happy and healthy not me
    If you ever cared to ask
    Good for you
    You're doing great out there without me baby
    God I wish that I could do that
    I've lost my mind
    I've spent the night
    Crying on the floor of my bathroom
    But you're so unaffected I really don't get it
    But I guess good for you
    Well good for you I guess you're getting everything you want
    You bought a new car and your career's really taking off
    It's like we never even happened baby
    Tell me what is up with that
    And good for you it's like you never even met me
    Remember when you swore to God I was the only
    Person who ever got you
    Well screw that and screw you
    You will never have to hurt the way you know that I do
    Maybe I'm too emotional
    But your apathy's like a wound in salt
    Or maybe you never cared at all
    Your apathy's like a wound in salt
    Like a d**n sociopath