• Title:thought it was
  • Artist:iann dior;Travis Barker;Machine Gun Kelly
  • Album:thought it was
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  • Languages:en
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    thought it was - iann dior/Travis Barker/Machine Gun Kelly
    Lyrics by:Michael Olmo/Colson Baker
    Composed by:Travis Barker/Omer Fedi/Nick Cozine/Joe Pepe/Kyle Reynolds/Dan Wilson
    Iann dior:

    I lost my mind
    Chasing the feeling in the hills at night
    City of Angels but it hurts sometimes
    Finally made it but it don't feel right
    Don't feel like I thought it would
    I've been on the graveyard shift
    I got everything I wish mm-da-da
    Couple diamonds on my wrists
    But I really miss my
    I've been crying inside so you can't see my pain
    See my pain
    The high went away and they all did the same
    All did the same
    Broken heart that I can't stitch
    All the money in the world can't fix this
    I feel so alone in California
    I got all these friends don't even know one
    Lost my mind
    Hills at night
    Hurts sometimes
    Don't feel right
    Machine Gun Kelly:
    I'm by myself in a room with a million faces
    I can't find home and I've been to a million places
    All I've ever known was the black hole that I call my soul
    This my last hope before I let go
    I can't breathe I'm sinking low
    So I use smoke to get high
    I mean I use this to hide
    'Cause I'm not okay inside
    I fight this every night 'cause
    Thought it would