• Title:Scared Money (Explicit)
  • Artist:YG;J. Cole;Moneybagg Yo
  • Album:Scared Money (Explicit)
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    Scared Money (Explicit) - YG/J. Cole/Moneybagg Yo
    Lyrics by:Keenon Jackson/Jack Gibson/Demario Dewayne White, Jr./Jermaine Cole
    Composed by:Keenon Jackson/Jack Gibson/Demario Dewayne White, Jr./Jermaine Cole
    Why you bring that money to the club if you ain't throwin' it
    How you naked on the 'Gram but in person you ain't showin' s**t
    Why you go against the gang
    You can't beat 'em n***a join it
    Ain't tap in when you got to Cali got your a*s extorted
    Brand new coupe I floor it brand new b***h gotta w***e it
    Brand new Glock I adore it have a n***a runnin' like Forrest
    V.I.P I'm very important in the hood I ain't never no tourist
    Got the drop on the opp we Dora explore it
    YG from the streets YG went legit
    YG lit YG start a business with your b***h
    Fifty b***hes flew to Cabo YG a trip
    YG think he Kanye West he got his own kicks
    Woah fresh out a pandemic but I ain't rusty
    Woah have a baby by me b***h come be lucky
    Woah b***h I'ma throw it all all the strippers love me
    Woah walk in best dressed but I ain't no Kid Cudi
    Girl did he just say what I think he just said
    B***h yes
    Talkin' like you lit your b***h better not be ugly
    Pull up with a ten her waist slim a*s chubby
    Half a milly on my neck who gon' take it from me
    P***y we ballin' on you f**kin' dummies
    Scared money don't make no money
    J. Cole:
    I'm so lit SportCenter gotta post my clips
    One lay-up and they treat me like I'm Luka Dončić
    2-6 n***a and we used to conflict
    Turn these brand new YG sneakers into Louboutin kicks
    Red bottoms 'cause the blood bled out 'em aw d**n
    If I'm miss 'em 4Hunnid red dot 'em aw d**n
    I was thinkin' 'bout walkin' up a stack of crates
    But I was busy stackin' cake
    Haha s**t
    Cole f**kin' World say the whole name
    Cole think he Drizzy Drake he got his own plane
    Flew it all around the world and now I'm back b***h
    Three cribs in the same neighborhood I'm that rich
    These n***as pray to God to make it on The Shade Room
    Meanwhile I made it on the "b***h I'm hella paid" room
    Road blocks when Cole drop they push back they rollouts
    That's right p***y make room stay tuned n***a
    Moneybagg Yo:
    Ball too hard on n***as like Zion when he bust out the shoe
    See that lil' switch on the Glock you can't shoot back when we start shootin'
    Thuggin' on the block with YG set trippin' my pockets blue
    VVVs cost some cheese reach for these I blam on you
    Bow bow
    I got shows comin' in but the trap still bunkin'
    Wrapped the Lamb' truck white but the inside's pumpkin
    Grip her neck when we be hunchin' and she like when I talk country
    Who you is
    Big speaker yeah big s**t talker h*e
    Have your cash together cost a Mike Vick for a truffle boat
    Dollars followers and ratchet h*es I got a lot of those
    Where you at
    Gettin' me some head waitin' on my food to cook at Pappadeaux
    Let's go
    Big Bagg