• Title:Help!
  • Artist:The Beatles
  • Album:Help!
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    " Help! "
    The Beatles

    (Help!), I need somebody-
    -(Help!), not just anybody-
    -(Help!)-you know I need someone-
    {When}-when I was younger-{when I was}-so much-{young}-younger than today-
    -{I never needed}-I never needed anybody's
    (Help in any way),
    -{Now}-but now these days are gone-{these days}-I'm not-{are gone}-so self assured-
    -{And now I find}-now I find I've changed my mind
    (And opened up the doors),
    Help me if you can, I'm feeling do-o-own,
    And I do appreciate you being ro-o-und,
    (Help me, get my feet back on the gro-o-und),
    (Won't you pleeease!),
    (Please!, help me).
    {Now}-and now my life has changed-{my life}-in oh-{has changed}-so many ways-
    -{My independence}-my independence seems
    (To vanish in the haze),
    {But}-but every now and then-{now and}-I feel-{then}-so insecure-
    -{I know that I}-I know that I just need you like
    (I've never done before),
    When I was younger so much younger than today
    I never needed anybody's
    Help in any way,
    (Please!, help me)-
    -Help me!, (help me!-ee-uuuuh!)
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