• Title:2step (feat. Lil Baby)
  • Artist:Ed Sheeran;Lil Baby
  • Album:2step (feat. Lil Baby)
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    2step (feat. Lil Baby) - Ed Sheeran (艾德·希兰)/Lil Baby
    Composed by:Andrew Wotman/David Hodges/Ed Sheeran/Louis Bell
    I had a bad week
    Spent the evening pretending it wasn't that deep
    You could see in my eyes that it was taking over
    I guess I was just blind and caught up in the moment
    You know you take all of my stress right down
    Help me get it off my chest and out
    Into the ether with the rest of this mess
    That just keeps us depressed
    We forget that we're here right now
    'Coz we're living life at a different pace
    Stuck in a constant race keep the pressure on
    You're bound to break
    Something's got to change
    We should just be cancelling all our plans
    And not give a damn
    If we're missing out on what the people think is right
    Seeing through a picture behind the screen
    And forget to be lose the conversation for the message that you'll never read
    I think maybe you and me
    Oh we should head out to the place where the music plays
    And then we'll go all night
    Two stepping with the woman I love
    All my troubles turn to nothing when I'm in your eyes
    Electrified we'll keep turning up and go all night
    Oh we had dips and falls in our time
    But we know what it feels to be low then up alone and then loved
    And all we need is us to go
    All night night
    Night yeah all we need is us
    Sun coming up when we walk out
    We lost the track of time
    Everything that I been dealing with ain't even cross my mind
    I don't see nobody in here but us for real
    For you I'm blind
    We go anywhere
    It don't take much for us to catch a vibe
    Come here I need to tell you something
    Let me whisper in your ear
    Do whatever to get you there I'll put you on a Lear
    Private island for a month straight
    They'll think you disappeared
    Lamb truck look good on ya
    I'm copping you that urus
    I think I'm bout ready to make love in this club
    Only thing I need is my drank and my d**gs
    I done got on 10 and forgot where I was
    Some parts I don't like but this part I love
    Only me and my guys
    I been having me a good time
    You can see it in all in my eyes
    Two stepping with shorty
    Got her rocking side to side
    You should let me know when you get ready to ride cause
    We'll go all night
    But we know what it feels to be low then up alone then loved
    Two step and with the woman I love
    Night yeah all we need is us to go all night
    Night night