• Title:Cinema
  • Artist:Harry Styles
  • Album:Harry's House
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Cinema - Harry Styles (哈里·斯泰尔斯)
    Lyrics by:Harry Styles/Sammy Witte
    Composed by:Harry Styles/Sammy Witte
    Recorded at:Angelic Studios/Solag Studios/Highmoor Farm/Henson Studios
    Produced by:Kid Harpoon/Sammy Witte/Tyler Johnson
    Mixed by:Spike Stent
    Mixing Assistant:Matt Wolach
    Mastered by:Randy Merrill
    Engineered by:Jeremy Hatcher/Sammy Witte
    Assistant Engineers:Katie May/Luke Gibbs/Adele Phillips/Brian Rajaratnam/Josh Caulder/Joe Dougherty
    Drums/Percussion/Bass Guitar/Talkbox/Synth Guitar:Kid Harpoon
    Drum Programming/Synth Bass:Tyler Johnson
    Vocal Programming:Sammy Witte/Jeremy Hatcher
    Electric Guitars:John Mayer/Kid Harpoon
    Synths:Kid Harpoon/Sammy Witte/Tyler Johnson
    Background Vocals:Alayna Rodgers/India Boodram
    You got you got the cinema
    It's you
    And I'm not getting over it
    Darling is it cool
    If I'm stubborn when it comes to this
    I guess we're in time
    If you're getting yourself wet for me
    I guess you're all mine
    When you're sleeping in this bed with me
    I just think you're cool
    I dig your cinema
    Do you think I'm cool too
    Or am I too into you
    Tell me what you want and you got it love
    I want all of you
    Gimme all you got
    That's cinema
    That's cinema uh huh
    I don't know why but it feels so right to me
    Something in the way you move
    I like it when you dance for me
    You all the time
    In doses at night
    No roof on the drive
    Dust off the high
    And go to sleep
    You got
    I bring the pop
    You pop
    You got the cinema
    I bring the pop to the cinema
    You pop when we get intimate